Many lawyers don't know how to get legal clients online, but it's an ideal lawyer marketing strategy for a small lawyer practice or a solo law practice.  It's becoming increasingly popular to skip traditional lawyer marketing campaigns like sending expensive direct mail campaigns.  Whether your small lawyer practice has been affected by the economic downturn or if you just want to give your solo law practice a boost, there are many ways to get new legal clients online, for free.     

Here are some tips to get legal clients online:
  1. List your law firm or solo practice online.  It only takes a few minutes and enables you to easily advertise your legal services.  Here's a Free Legal Profile that you can set up in minutes.
  2. Give clients a free consultation online.  When you list yourself online, indicate that you will give clients a free initial consultation. By giving clients a chance to "try before they buy" you'll have happier clients and a higher retention rate. 
  3. Get rated.  Encourage your existing and future clients to rate you online.  New clients are more likely to request your legal services if you have a higher rating.
  4. Consider doing more to practice law online.  Now there are new online law services available to lawyers who want to work with clients online.  It's a way for you to streamline your small lawyer practice or solo law practice, because you can attract new legal clients online, work with legal clients online, and even bill them online.  We recommend the Web Law Office  - it offers all of the tools above and there's a free trial.